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Anxious about speaking up in meetings at work?

Very competent English speakers, just like you, frequently get judged for having a strong foreign accent. Do you ever get asked to repeat yourself? We know how frustrating this can be, especially in a professional environment.

This is something you need to fix before it holds you back from achieving your goals any longer. You want to present confidently and with clarity in your English. If you feel like your strong accent is holding you back professionally and socially, you’re in the right place. It’s time to make a change.

It is possible to master clear pronunciation and feel proud to speak up at work. Help is at hand:

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Welcome to British Accent Academy

Your English Pronunciation School

Fix your English pronunciation errors permanently with your accent coach, Katie.

Achieve accurate pronunciation and intonation for permanent confidence in your speech. Use our full suite of proven-to-work pronunciation training materials and never worry about your foreign accent again.

About Katie, your speech coach:

With an MA Hons in Linguistics (University of Edinburgh) Katie is also certified by the International Phonetic Association. She has been a teacher since 2011, she is an English pronunciation specialist, and she has helped thousands of non-native clients from all over the world to master clear and confident English Pronunciation. This is your chance to work on your pronunciation with guidance from a true linguistics expert!

A before/after example of a Premium Silver graduate (April 2022)


Klavdiya BEFORE the Complete English Pronunciation Course: Notice that she seems quite nervous, unsure of her speech sounds and intonation patterns…


Klavdiya AFTER the Complete English Pronunciation Course: Notice that she is so much more confident, expressive, and happy with the way she is pronouncing English…


Pronounce English clearly every time

If You Speak Clearly & Confidently, People Will Listen To You!

No More Repeating Yourself

Present With Confidence

Be Listened To

Fix your embarrassing errors

You will feel more effective at work with clear pronunciation

Impress Colleagues

Get That Promotion

Earn More

This pronunciation training is for you if

  • You sometimes make English pronunciation errors despite having professional proficiency in the language
  • You feel under-confident about the stress, pitch, and cadence of your speech
  • Becoming a more confident speaker is important to you
  • Articulating clearly in standard English would benefit you
  • You want people to listen to your expertise rather than your accent

Master Clear & Confident Pronunciation



From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Beyond articulation, this accent reduction training covers

  • How to join speech sounds together in natural speech
  • How to generalise pronunciation rules to new, unfamiliar words and phrases
  • Making use of stress and pitch to make yourself sound more effective
  • How to get into a regular practice routine to see results within weeks

Your Path To Clear Spoken English



Learn pronunciation at your own pace & get live feedback!


Video courses, coaching, e-books + audio & LIVE workshops


Daily practice brings impressive results within weeks


Learn rules & exceptions & put an end to errors


Put pronunciation anxiety in the past & refocus on success

Improve Your English Pronunciation



Train Your Brain To Produce & Perceive New Sounds

Build Confidence Through English Pronunciation

Gain credibility and recognition for your true value at work

Create great first impressions and improve your professional impact

Make clear confident spoken English one of your greatest strengths