Find Out More About Katie.

Meet Katie,
your English Pronunciation Instructor.

Katie has an MA Hons degree in Linguistics, has been certified by the International Phonetic Association (IPA Exam), and has 12 years of experience in teaching English pronunciation and British English intonation, primarily to non-native speakers of English.


As a pronunciation expert whose MA linguistics dissertation was on prosody (patterns of stress and intonation), Katie is a fully qualified teacher of English to speakers of other languages.


She has been teaching since 2011. Katie specialised in teaching English Pronunciation during her teacher training and she has been teaching specific practical phonetics and phonology courses to non-native speakers since 2014.


She is particularly interested in helping clients with their speech perception and production of vowels and consonants – making use of neural plasticity and developing new perceptions through ear training – as well as working with non-native speakers on developing a range of stress and intonation techniques. She primarily works with a Modern RP accent model.


Katie has been certified by the International Phonetic Association, a prestigious qualification for phonologists.


She has a range of classroom experience as well as a solid track record of achieving successful outcomes for clients through accent coaching via Zoom / Skype / Meets as well as through her carefully-structured self-paced courses.


In addition to being a native speaker of British English, Katie holds a first class MA Honours Linguistics degree from the University of Edinburgh, which consistently ranks among the top 5 best universities in the world for Linguistics (Source: QS World University Rankings 2021). Katie also brings with her a study-abroad year at Stendhal University in Grenoble, where she studied practical phonetics and cognition at the renowned GIPSA phonetics laboratory. She also spent some time working as a research assistant on a prosody experiment at McGill University, Canada (in the Neurolinguistics department).


Katie has helped thousands of non-native clients from over 60 countries to master clear and confident English Pronunciation. This is your chance to work on your pronunciation with guidance from a true linguistics expert!