Homophones in English RP

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Credit: John Higgins

This is a list of English homophones (words with different spellings and meanings but the same pronunciation) in the word list created by Roger Mitton from the Advanced Learners' Dictionary of Current English. Mitton added a large number of proper names to the word stock of the dictionary, and encoded the pronunciations following the scheme suggested by John Wells for the Alvey project. All I have done here is re-index the dictionary according to pronunciation and identify any adjacent identical pairs.

Originally 2750 homophone pairs, 5500 words, showed up when the pronunciations were indexed. A number of these were alternative spellings of the same word, such as Maharajah/Maharaja, Czar/Tsar, realise/realize, etc. After eliminating these I came down to 2782 words. These included one group of six homophones, air, Aire, Ayr, e'er, ere and heir, seventeen groups of four homophones, and 104 groups of three homophones. The remaining 1200 pairs included 115 pairs of compound forms of -man/-men, such as airman/airmen, in which the vowel difference has been neutralised, and 16 loan words or phrases from French, such as tour de force/tours de force, in which the singular/plural distinction is seen and not heard. These last two categories have been listed separately.

There is one category which I have omitted with some misgiving, namely the homonyms (same spelling and pronunciation, different meanings) in which one member of the pair is a proper noun and would always be capitalised while the other is not. These are words like Jack/jack, China/china, Barking/barking, Welsh/welsh, Art/art, and so on. They almost meet the definition of homophone pairs (same sound, different spelling, different meaning) but not in all contexts. I have, however, included homophones where one member of the pair is a proper noun provided that the two words are spelled differently, as in the case of Brighton/brighten, Chile/chilly, Cowes/cows, and so on.

The homophone pairs involving post-vocalic -r, such as caught/court and ion/iron, will not be homophones for speakers of rhotic dialects. There is also room for argument over homophone pairs where one of the words ends in -r, such as awe/ore, since even for RP speakers these will not always be homophones when the next word begins with a vowel. However, these have been included here.

      a aye eh
      ad add
      adds ads adze
      ail ale
      ails ales
      air Aire Ayr e'er ere heir 
      airs heirs
      airy eyrie
      aisle isle I'll
      aisles isles
      aitches h's
      Ali alley
      all awl
      allowed aloud
      alms arms
      altar alter
      altars alters
      analyst annalist
      analysts annalists
      Anne an
      arc ark
      arcs arks
      are r
      aren't aunt
      Arguses argosies
      Artie arty
      ascent assent
      ascents assents
      auger augur
      augers augurs
      aught ought
      aural oral
      aureole oriole
      aureoles orioles
      away aweigh
      awe ore or
      awes oars ores
      ax axe
      ay aye eye i I
      ayed eyed I'd
      ayes ays eyes i's
      b be
      b's bees
      baa bah
      baaed bard barred
      baas bars
      bad bade
      bail bale
      bailed baled
      bailing baling
      bails bales
      bait bate
      baited bated
      baiting bating
      baits bates
      baize bays
      bald balled
      ball bawl
      balled bawled
      balling bawling
      balls bawls
      balm barm
      balmy barmy
      banded bandied
      bang bhang
      banns bans
      bare bear
      barer bearer
      bares bears
      baring bearing
      bark barque
      barks barques
      baron barren
      base bass
      based baste
      bawd board
      bawds boards
      bay bey
      be bee
      beaches beeches
      bean been
      beat beet
      beaters betas
      beau bo bow
      beaux bows
      beer bier
      beers biers
      beetle betel
      beetles betels
      bell belle
      belles bells
      berg burg
      bergs burgs
      Bern burn
      berries buries
      berry Bury bury 
      berth birth
      better bettor
      betters bettors
      bight bite
      bights bites
      billed build
      blew blue
      boar bore
      board bored
      boarder border
      boars bores
      Boche bosh
      bode bowed
      Boers boas
      bold bowled
      bolder boulder
      bole boll bowl
      boles bolls bowls
      bomb-sight bomb-site
      bomb-sights bomb-sites
      boos booze
      borders boarders
      born borne bourne
      bough bow
      boughs bows
      boy buoy
      boys buoys
      brae bray
      braes braise brays
      braid brayed
      brake break
      brakes breaks
      braking breaking
      breach breech
      bread bred
      Brest breast
      brewed brood
      brews bruise
      bridal bridle
      bridals bridles
      Brighton brighten
      Britain Briton
      broach brooch
      broaches brooches
      brows browse
      bruit brute
      bruits brutes
      budges budgies
      bur burr
      burrs burs
      bused bussed bust
      but butt
      buy by bye
      buys byes
      c sea see
      c's seas sees seize
      cache cash
      cached cashed
      caches cashes
      caching cashing
      calk caulk Cork cork
      calked caulked corked
      calking caulking corking
      calks caulks corks
      call caul
      callous callus
      calls cauls
      Calne khan
      calve carve
      calved carved
      calves carves
      calving carving
      candid candied
      Cannes can
      cannon canon
      cannons canons
      canvas canvass
      canvases canvasses
      Capt capped
      carat carrot karat
      carats carrots karats
      Carole carol
      Carrie carry
      cast caste
      caster castor
      casters castors
      castes casts
      caught court
      cause caws cores
      Cavan cavern
      cawed chord cord cored
      cede seed
      ceded seeded
      cedes seeds
      ceding seeding
      ceiling sealing
      cell sell
      cellar seller
      cellars sellers
      cells sells
      censer censor
      censers censors
      cent scent sent
      cents scents
      cereal serial
      cereals serials
      cession session
      cessions sessions
      chard charred
      chased chaste
      chauffeuse chauffeuses
      chaws chores
      cheap cheep
      chews choose
      Chile chilli chilly
      choc chock
      chocks chocs
      choir quire
      choirs quires
      choler collar
      cholers collars
      chorale corral
      chorales corrals
      chords cords
      chute shoot
      chutes shoots
      cite sight site
      cited sighted sited
      cites sights sites
      citing sighting siting
      citrous citrus
      clanger clangour
      Claude clawed
      clause claws
      climb clime
      climbs climes
      coal kohl
      coaled cold
      coaming combing
      coarse corse course
      corses courses
      coarser courser
      coat cote
      coats cotes
      coax cokes
      cocks cox
      coddling codling
      coign coin quoin
      coigns coins quoins
      coir coyer
      Colne cone
      colonel kernel
      colonels kernels
      complement compliment
      complementary complimentary
      complements compliments
      conker conquer
      conkers conquers
      coo coup
      cookie cooky
      coos coups
      copies kopjes
      cops copse
      Copt copped
      copy kopje
      core corps
      council counsel
      councillor counsellor
      councillors counsellors
      councils counsels
      cousin cozen
      cousins cozens
      coward cowered
      Cowes cows
      creak creek
      creaks creeks
      Crewe crew
      crewed crude
      crews cruise cruse
      cruises cruses
      cubical cubicle
      Cupar cooper
      curb kerb
      curbs kerbs
      currant current
      currants currents
      Currie curry
      cygnet signet
      cygnets signets
      cymbal symbol
      cymbals symbols
      Cyprus cypress
      Czech check cheque
      Czechs checks cheques
      daisies dazes
      Daisy daisy
      dam damn
      dammed damned
      damns dams
      Dane deign
      Danes deigns
      daws doors
      days daze
      deanery denary
      dear deer
      Derek derrick
      descent dissent
      descents dissents
      desert dessert
      deserts desserts
      Devizes devises
      dew due
      Di die dye
      diarist direst
      died dyed
      dies dyes
      dire dyer
      discreet discrete
      doe doh dough
      does dohs doze
      doggie doggy
      dollar dolour
      dollars dolours
      Dolly dolly
      done dun
      dost dust
      Doug dug
      douse dowse
      doused dowsed
      douses dowses
      dousing dowsing
      draft draught
      drafted draughted
      drafting draughting
      drafts draughts
      drawers draws
      droop drupe
      droops drupes
      dual duel
      ducked duct
      e's ease
      earn urn
      earns urns
      eaves eves
      Eddie eddy
      eerie eery eyrie
      effed eft
      elicit illicit
      elusive illusive
      ensure insure
      ensured insured
      ensures insures
      ensuring insuring
      Ernest earnest
      ewe U yew you
      ewes U's use yews
      eyelet islet
      eyelets islets
      f^eted fated
      f^eting fating
      fain feign
      faint feint
      fainted feinted
      fainting feinting
      faints feints
      fair fare
      fairs fares
      fallacies phalluses
      farther father
      faun fawn
      fauns fawns
      feat feet
      few phew
      find fined
      Finn fin
      Finns fins
      fir fur
      firs furs furze
      fisher fissure
      fishers fissures
      flair flare
      flairs flares
      flawed floored
      flaws floors
      flea flee
      fleas flees
      flecks flex
      flew flu flue
      flocks phlox
      floe flow
      floes flows
      flour flower
      floured flowered
      flourier flowerier
      flouriest floweriest
      flouring flowering
      flours flowers
      floury flowery
      foaled fold
      for fore four
      formally formerly
      foul fowl
      fouled fowled
      fouler fowler
      fouling fowling
      fouls fowls
      Frances Francis
      Frank franc frank
      Franks francs franks
      frays phrase
      frees freeze frieze
      freezes friezes
      friar frier
      friars friers
      fungous fungus
      g gee
      Gael gale
      Gaels gales
      gaff gaffe
      gaffes gaffs
      gage gauge
      gaged gauged
      gages gauges
      gaging gauging
      gait gate
      gaits gates
      Gallup gallop
      gamble gambol
      gambled gambolled
      gambles gambols
      gambling gambolling
      gaud gored
      Gaul gall
      Gauls galls
      gauze gores
      gays gaze
      geezer geyser
      geezers geysers
      Gene Jean
      gibe gybe jibe
      gibed gybed jibed
      gibes gybes jibes
      gibing gybing jibing
      gild guild
      gilder guilder
      gilders guilders
      gilds guilds
      gilt guilt
      Goole ghoul
      gorilla guerrilla
      gorillas guerrillas
      Gorky gawky
      grade grayed greyed
      grate great
      grater greater
      grays graze greys
      greaves grieves
      groan grown
      groin groyne
      groins groynes
      guessed guest
      guide guyed
      Guy guy
      Guy's guise guys
      hail hale
      hairs hares
      hall haul
      halls hauls
      handsome hansom
      hangar hanger
      hangars hangers
      hart heart
      hawed hoard horde
      haws whores
      hay hey
      he'd heed
      he'll heal heel
      healed heeled
      healing heeling
      heals heels
      hear here
      heard herd
      hears here's
      heroin heroine
      Herr hair hare
      Herren heron
      hertz hurts
      hewed hued
      hews hues
      hi hie high
      hide hied
      higher hire
      him hymn
      ho hoe
      hoar whore
      hoards hordes
      hoarse horse
      hoes hose
      hold holed
      hole whole
      holes wholes
      holloa hollow
      holloas hollows
      Hoo who
      hookahs hookers
      hoop whoop
      hooped whooped
      hooping whooping
      hoops whoops
      hour our
      hours ours
      house how's
      Hugh hew hue
      humerus humorous
      idle idol
      idles idols
      in inn
      Inc ink
      indiscreet indiscrete
      inns ins
      invade inveighed
      ion iron
      ions irons
      j jay
      j's jays
      jam jamb
      jambs jams
      Jeanie genie
      Jill gill
      Jim gym
      K Kay
      kail kale
      key quay
      keys quays
      knap nap
      knapped napped
      knapping napping
      knaps naps
      knave nave
      knaves naves
      knead need
      kneaded needed
      kneading needing
      kneads needs
      knew new
      knight night
      knightly nightly
      knights nights
      knob nob
      knobble nobble
      knobbles nobbles
      knobs nobs
      knot not
      know no
      knows nos nose
      laager lager
      laagers lagers
      lacks lax
      lade laid
      lain lane
      lakh lark
      lakhs larks
      lam lamb
      lama llama
      lamas llamas
      lambed lammed
      lambing lamming
      lambs lams
      laps lapse
      larva lava
      lasses lassies
      laud lord
      lauded lorded
      lauding lording
      lauds lords
      lawn lorn
      lay ley
      lays laze
      laze leys
      leach leech
      leaches leeches
      lead led
      leader lieder
      leaf lief
      leak leek
      leaks leeks
      leas lees
      leased least
      Leeds leads
      Leigh lea lee
      Lent leant
      lessen lesson
      lessens lessons
      levee levy
      levees levies
      Leven leaven
      Lewes Lewis
      liar lyre
      liars lyres
      lichen liken
      lie lye
      lies lyes
      lieu loo
      lightening lightning
      limb limn Lymne
      limbed limned
      limbs limns
      lineally linearly
      links lynx
      lions Lyons
      literal littoral
      literals littorals
      lo low
      loan lone
      loch lock lough
      lochs locks loughs
      lode lowed
      loos lose
      loot lute
      loots lutes
      lor lore
      loyalist loyallest
      lumbar lumber
      Mach Mark mark marque
      macs max
      made maid
      mail male
      mails males
      Maine main mane
      mains manes
      maize Mays maze
      manikin mannequin
      manikins mannequins
      manner manor
      manners manors
      mantel mantle
      mantels mantles
      mare mayor
      mares mayors
      marks marques
      marshal martial
      marten martin
      martens martins
      mask masque
      masks masques
      masseurs masseuse masseuses
      mat matt
      me mi
      mead meed
      meads meeds
      mean mien
      means miens
      meat meet mete
      meatier meteor
      meats meets metes
      medal meddle
      medals meddles
      meddler medlar
      meddlers medlars
      meeting meting
      metal mettle
      meter metre
      meters metres
      mews muse
      might mite
      mind mined
      miner minor
      miners minors
      minks minx
      minors mynahs
      missed mist
      misses missies Mrs missus
      mo mow
      moan mown
      moat mote
      moats motes
      mode mowed
      mood mooed
      moor Moore
      moose mousse
      mooses mousses
      morn mourn
      morning mourning
      morns mourns
      mucous mucus
      muscle mussel
      muscles mussels
      mussed must
      mustard mustered
      n_ee nay
      Nat gnat
      naval navel
      nay neigh
      'neath Neath
      Neil kneel
      Nell knell
      net nett
      nets netts
      Nice niece
      nicks nix
      none nun
      o oh owe
      o'er oar or ore
      o's owes
      oarsman oarsmen
      ode owed
      one won
      overate overrate
      oversea oversee
      overseas oversees
      oxeyed oxide
      Oxon oxen
      p pea pee
      p's peas pease pees
      pa pah
      paced paste
      packed pact
      packs pax
      paean peon
      paeans peons
      pail pale
      pails pales
      pain pane
      pains panes
      pair pare pear
      paired pared
      pairing paring
      pairs pares pears
      palette pallet
      palettes pallets
      palls pawls
      pandas panders
      par parr
      parrs pars parse
      passed past
      patten pattern
      pattens patterns
      Paul pall pawl
      pause paws pores pours
      pawed pored
      pawn porn
      peace piece
      peak peek peke
      peaked peeked
      peaking peeking
      peaks peeks pekes
      peal peel
      pealed peeled
      pealing peeling
      peals peels
      Pearl pearl purl
      pearled purled
      pearling purling
      pearls purls
      pedal peddle
      pedalled peddled
      pedals peddles
      peddler pedlar
      peddlers pedlars
      peer pier
      peers piers
      per purr
      pervade purveyed
      Pete peat
      petrel petrol
      phew whew
      Philip fillip
      pi pie
      pies pis
      pistil pistol
      pistils pistols
      pitied pitted
      place plaice
      plain plane
      plained planed
      plaining planing
      plains planes
      pleas please
      plum plumb
      plumbs plums
      Pole pole poll
      Poles poles polls
      Polly poly
      poof pouf pouffe
      poofs pouffes poufs
      Poole pool
      populace populous
      pore pour
      pored poured
      poring pouring
      poses posies
      poseurs poseuse
      practice practise
      practices practises
      praise prays preys
      pray prey
      prayed preyed
      praying preying
      premise premiss
      premised premissed
      premises premisses
      premising premissing
      pride pried
      pries prise prize
      primacies primuses
      principal principle
      principals principles
      prised prized
      prises prizes
      prising prizing
      profit prophet
      profits prophets
      program programme
      programmes programs
      pros prose
      pseud sued
      purest purist
      put putt
      puts putts
      putted puttied
      puttee putty
      puttees putties
      Q cue queue
      Q's cues queues
      quarts quartz
      quietest quietist
      R are
      rack wrack
      racket racquet
      rackets racquets
      radical radicle
      radicals radicles
      raid rayed
      rain reign rein
      rained reigned reined
      raining reigning
      rains reigns reins
      raise rase rays raze
      raised rased razed
      raiser razor
      raisers razors
      raises rases
      raising rasing
      rancour ranker
      rap wrap
      rapped rapt wrapped
      rapping wrapping
      raps wraps
      Ray ray re
      read reed
      read red
      reads reeds
      rear rhea
      rears rheas
      reigning reining
      Rennes wren
      rep repp
      rest wrest
      rested wrested
      resting wresting
      rests wrests
      retches wretches
      revere revers
      reveres revers
      review revue
      reviews revues
      Rex wrecks
      Rheims reams
      rheum room
      Rhodes roads
      rigger rigour
      riggers rigours
      right rite wright write
      righting writing
      rights rites wrights writes
      ring wring
      ringer wringer
      ringers wringers
      ringing wringing
      rings wrings
      road rode rowed
      roc rock
      rocks rocs
      roe row
      role roll
      roles rolls
      Rome roam
      rood rude rued
      roomer rumour
      roomers rumours
      root route
      rooted routed
      rooting routing
      roots routes
      Rose roes rose rows
      rotas rotors
      rote wrote
      rough ruff
      roughed ruffed
      roughing ruffing
      roughs ruffs
      rouse rows
      rues ruse
      rung wrung
      Ryde ride
      rye wry
      sac sack
      sacks sacs sax
      sail sale
      sails sales
      sane seine
      sauce source
      sauces sources
      saver savour
      savers savours
      scene seen
      schemas schemers
      scull skull
      sculled skulled
      sculls skulls
      seam seem
      seamed seemed
      seaman seamen semen
      seaming seeming
      seams seems
      sear seer sere
      sears seers
      secs sex
      serf surf
      set sett
      sets setts
      sewer sower
      sewers sowers
      shake sheik
      shakes sheikhs
      shear sheer
      sheared sheered
      shearing sheering
      shears sheers
      shire shyer
      shoe shoo
      shoeing shooing
      shoes shoos
      'shun shun
      sic sick
      sicks six
      side sighed
      sighs size
      sign sine
      signs sines
      Sikhs seeks
      silvan silvern sylvan
      Sioux Sue
      slay sleigh
      slaying sleighing
      slays sleighs
      sleight slight
      sleights slights
      sloe slow
      sloes slows
      so soh sew sow
      soar sore
      soared sword
      soars sores
      sold soled
      sole soul
      soles souls
      some sum
      son sun
      sonny sunny
      sons suns
      sort sought
      spade spayed
      spars spas
      spec speck
      specks specs
      staid stayed
      stair stare
      stairs stares
      stake steak
      stakes steaks
      stalk stork
      stalks storks
      stationary stationery
      steal steel
      stealing steeling
      steals steels
      step steppe
      steppes steps
      sties styes
      stile style
      stiles styles
      Stirling sterling
      stoop stoup
      stoops stoups
      storey story
      storeyed storied
      storeys stories
      straight strait
      straights straits
      studded studied
      sty stye
      Styx sticks
      succour sucker
      succours suckers
      suite sweet
      suites sweets
      sumac sumach
      summary summery
      Sunday sundae
      swat swot
      swats swots
      swatted swotted
      swatting swotting
      Syston cistern
      t tea tee ti
      t's teas tease tees
      tacked tact
      tacks tax
      tail tale
      tails tales
      talk torque
      talks torques
      taper tapir
      tapers tapirs
      tare tear
      tares tears
      taught taut
      taxes taxis
      team teem
      teamed teemed
      teaming teeming
      teams teems
      tear tier
      tears tiers
      tec tech
      techs tecs
      tel tell
      template templet
      templates templets
      tenner tenor
      tenners tenors
      tern turn
      terns turns
      their there they're
      theirs there's
      Thorne thorn
      threw thro' through thru
      throe throw
      throes throws
      throne thrown
      thyme time
      tic tick
      ticks tics
      tide tied
      tided tidied
      tighten titan
      tightens titans
      tike tyke
      tikes tykes
      tire tyre
      tires tyres
      to too two
      toad toed towed
      toe tow
      toeing towing
      toes tows
      told tolled
      tonne ton tun
      tonnes tons tuns
      tor tore
      tracked tract
      trews trues
      troop troupe
      trooper trouper
      troopers troupers
      troops troupes
      trussed trust
      tubas tubers
      tunas tuners
      'twill twill
      Tyne tine
      'un an
      vain vane vein
      vale veil
      vales veils
      vanes veins
      Venus venous
      veracious voracious
      veraciously voraciously
      vial viol
      vials viols
      wade weighed
      wail wale whale
      wailed whaled
      wailing whaling
      wains wanes
      waist waste
      waists wastes
      wait weight
      waited weighted
      waiting weighting
      waits weights
      waive wave
      waived waved
      waiver waver
      waivers wavers
      waives waves
      waiving waving
      wales whales
      Wales wails wales
      war wore
      ward warred
      Ware ware wear where
      wares wears where's
      waring wearing
      warn worn
      watcher wotcher
      watt what wot
      wattle what'll
      watts what's
      wax whacks
      way weigh whey
      Wayne wain wane
      ways weighs
      we wee
      we'd weed
      we'll weal wheel
      we've weave
      weak week
      weakly weekly
      weald wheeled wield
      wealds wields wheels
      Wear we're weir
      weather wether
      weathers wethers
      wees wheeze
      weld welled
      wen when
      wens when's
      were whir whirr
      wet whet
      wether whether
      wets whets
      wetted whetted
      wetting whetting
      which witch 
      Whig wig
      Whigs wigs
      while wile
      whiled wild
      whiles wiles
      whin win
      whine wine
      whined wind wined
      whines wines
      whining wining
      whirl whorl
      whirled whorled world
      whirls whorls
      whirred word
      whirrs whirs
      whit wit
      whites wights
      whither wither
      who's whose
      whoa wo woe
      why y
      Wight white wight
      windlass windless
      won't wont
      wood would
      Y's whys wise
      yaws yours
      yoke yolk
      yokes yolks
      yore your you're
      you'll yule

      agent provocateur agents provocateurs
      aide-de-camp aides-de-camp
      billet-doux billets-doux
      cor anglais cors anglais
      corps de ballet corps de ballets
      coup de grace coups de grace
      coup d'etat coups d'etat
      enfant terrible enfants terribles
      fait accompli faits accomplis
      fianc_e fianc_ee
      fianc_ees fianc_es
      fleur-de-lys fleurs-de-lys
      Grand Prix Grands Prix
      nom de plume noms de plume
      nouveau riche nouveaux riches
      tour de force tours de force


      aircraftman aircraftmen
      airman airmen
      alderman aldermen
      anchorman anchormen
      backwoodsman backwoodsmen
      bandsman bandsmen
      batman batmen
      batsman batsmen
      boatman boatmen
      brakeman brakemen
      Bushman Bushmen
      busman busmen
      chairman chairmen
      chapman chapmen
      clansman clansmen
      clergyman clergymen
      congressman congressmen
      countryman countrymen
      cracksman cracksmen
      craftsman craftsmen
      cragsman cragsmen
      dalesman dalesmen
      draftsman draftsmen draughtsman
      dustman dustmen
      Dutchman Dutchmen
      Englishman Englishmen
      ex-serviceman ex-servicemen
      exciseman excisemen
      fieldsman fieldsmen
      fireman firemen
      fisherman fishermen
      footman footmen
      foreman foremen
      freedman freedmen
      freeman freemen
      Frenchman Frenchmen
      freshman freshmen
      frogman frogmen
      frontiersman frontiersmen
      gentleman gentlemen
      gentleman-at-arms gentlemen-at-arms
      groundsman groundsmen
      guardsman guardsmen
      gunman gunmen
      hangman hangmen
      helmsman helmsmen
      henchman henchmen
      herdsman herdsmen
      highwayman highwaymen
      horseman horsemen
      houseman housemen
      huntsman huntsmen
      husbandman husbandmen
      Indiaman Indiamen
      infantryman infantrymen
      Irishman Irishmen
      journeyman journeymen
      juryman jurymen
      kinsman kinsmen
      landsman landsmen
      layman laymen
      lineman linemen
      linesman linesmen
      longshoreman longshoremen
      madman madmen
      marksman marksmen
      merchantman merchantmen
      merman mermen
      midshipman midshipmen
      militiaman militiamen
      milkman milkmen
      motorman motormen
      night-watchman night-watchmen
      nobleman noblemen
      Northman Northmen
      nurseryman nurserymen
      patrolman patrolmen
      placeman placemen
      plainsman plainsmen
      ploughman ploughmen
      pointsman pointsmen
      policeman policemen
      postman postmen
      quarryman quarrymen
      raftsman raftsmen
      rifleman riflemen
      roundsman roundsmen
      salesman salesmen
      Scotchman Scotchmen
      Scotsman Scotsmen
      seaman seamen
      seedsman seedsmen
      showman showmen
      sidesman sidesmen
      signalman signalmen
      spokesman spokesmen
      sportsman sportsmen
      statesman statesmen
      steersman steersmen
      switchman switchmen
      swordsman swordsmen
      townsman townsmen
      tradesman tradesmen
      trencherman trenchermen
      tribesman tribesmen
      vestryman vestrymen
      watchman watchmen
      waterman watermen
      Welshman Welshmen
      yachtsman yachtsmen
      yeoman yeomen

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Always nice to hear complimentary things about one’s work. I don’t earn more than a few pennies a week from the site, so I don’t expect any payment. By all means redistribute it in the way you suggest. Just as long as I am credited as the author, that is all I care about. If you are likely to make serious money with it, then a donation to a cancer charity would be appreciated. Our daughter died of breast cancer in 1997.

— John Higgins


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