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5 Reasons To Learn English Pronunciation

Discover 5 Excellent Reasons To Improve Your English Pronunciation

Want to sound more like a native English speaker?  Fed up with repeating yourself?

Trying to boost your English level to Advanced (C1/C2)? This is just the beginning. Learning English Pronunciation can improve your income, your business, and your life!

1. You’ll improve your job prospects

Pronouncing English like a native or near-native speaker is very likely to impress your boss, your clients, and any future employer. You will almost never have to repeat yourself. If you’re in sales, your clear speech will inspire confidence and attract customers and clients, thus potentially boosting commission. If you’re in customer service, your clients will be more satisfied and you are likely to progress in your career more quickly.

2.You’ll sound more fluent in English

Pronouncing English accurately and confidently will automatically make you sound more fluent. Even if you haven’t quite reached fluency yet, getting the basics of English pronunciation right will help your English sound more fluid more quickly.

3. You’ll get a better grade on English exams

Did you know that the -ed you see in the past tense is pronounced in 3 different ways in English? -Ed can be pronounced as /d/, /t/, or /ɪd/. In order to pronounce past tense forms correctly, you need to choose the right one.  Similarly, when you want to pronounce an -s ending for the plural or for third person conjugations, -s can be pronounced /s/ or /z/. In order to get to an advanced level of English, it’s helpful to know when the letter s sounds like /s/ and when it sounds like /z/. Trust us, your examiner will be impressed, and you’ll be an advanced English speaker before you know it.

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4. You’ll become more persuasive in English

We all need to persuade people. Whether it’s someone at work, someone who you want to date, or a customer service advisor, effective persuasion is the key to success. One very important aspect of English pronunciation is intonation. When we master intonation, we instantly become more likeable. We can soften our speech when we are angry. We can sound more friendly and engaged. English intonation is quite different compared to the intonation of other languages and English native speakers sometimes find that second language learners lack expressiveness when they speak English. British Accent Academy’s courses will teach you this. By speaking with a more natural and appealing flow, you will find that you can persuade people much more effectively.

5. You’ll learn what you never learnt at school

Most English teachers lack confidence when it comes to teaching pronunciation. Many students tell me that their school English teacher was a non-native speaker who hadn’t spent much time in the English speaking world. Teaching pronunciation is difficult for those who haven’t had a background in Phonology. For this reason, you may have been pronouncing English incorrectly your whole life without even realising it.

Try it for yourself!

Finding out how to speak English clearly and with confidence isn’t only fun, it can be incredibly satisfying, and lead you on your path to success.