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General Disclaimer

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Disclaimer About Earnings

Every effort has been made to ensure that information about the potential benefits of learning English Pronunciation provided on this site is accurate. However, the site makes no guarantees. The courses, information, and advice provided by this site do not guarantee that money will be made by you, the user or reader of the site. The amount of earning potential that can be derived from engaging with the materials on this site is determined by you, the user. British Accent Academy is in no way responsible for your decisions or actions and offers no financial or legal advice in any way. Every effort is made to be accurate, however, any pricing or information provided on this site comes without guarantees and the author is not liable in case of any error.

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Users of this site are not allowed to :

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  • Use British Accent Academy’s materials for your own business use. If you wish to use any of her images or content for your own use, you must receive British Accent Academy’s written permission in advance.
  • Steal any images or video content from British Accent Academy with a view to using them on your social media networks e.g. Pinterest or Instagram.


From time to time, British Accent Academy will promote or partner with other individuals, businesses, and organizations. Occasionally, she may be involved in promoting, marketing, and selling on behalf of affiliates. She promises that any products and services promoted on the site will be products and services that are relevant to her audiences. She promises only to promote products that she has genuinely tried and tested. These terms of use were created on February 28th 2018 and may be changed in the future with or without notice.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy clearly outlines how we will use the information you provide us with. The aim of this page is to help you to make better-informed decisions when using our service.

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  1. Should any comments be classed as spam;
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This privacy policy was written on February 28th 2018 and may be changed
in the future with or without notice.