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Consonant /p/ with all vowels, 139 pairs.

A contrast between a consonant and a vowel has a different status from that between two consonants, since the syllable structure and stress pattern are bound to be upset. This applies particularly to such a "consonanty" consonant as /p/.

However, since /p/ does enter consonant clusters very readily, there will be pairs in which it apparently contrasts with a (usually unstressed) vowel before a consonant, and these might be a problem for learners whose first language has fewer clusters. Such pairs include:

Fifteen of the twenty vowel phonemes displayed minimal pairs with /p/. If no contrast is reported below, then no pairs showed up in this dictionary. The largest groups are those involving /I/ and /@/, which are commonly involved in making inflections and derivations.

alp Ali
alp alley
alps Alice
chump chummy
clamp clammy
clasp classy
dump dummy
dupe dewy
gamp gammy
grasp grassy
gulp gully
gulped gullet
hoop hooey
loop Louis
loops Lewes
lump lumme
plain Elaine
plane Elaine
plate elate
  plates elates
plume illume
  plumed illumed
  plumes illumes
praise erase
  praised erased
  praises erases
prays erase
preys erase
rump rummy
slump slummy
souped suet
tamp tammy
whoop hooey

duped duet
plasticity elasticity
play LA
pricker Erica

placate allocate
  placated allocated
  placates allocates
  placating allocating
prate ar^ete
  prates ar^etes
pricker areca
  prickers arecas

pray RA
prey RA

capes chaos
pricks oryx
prison orison
  prisons orisons

ping awing
prate orate
  prated orated
  prates orates
  prating orating
prickle auricle
  prickles auricles
spring soaring

spit suet
vamps vamoose

imps immerse

alp Allah
clamp clamour
cramp crammer
dump dumber
gamp gamma
gape gayer
grape grayer
helped helot
hoop who're
lamps Lammas
play allay
  played allayed
  playing allaying
  plays allays
plea alee
pledge allege
  pledged alleged
  pledges alleges
  pledging alleging
plot allot
  plots allots
  plotted allotted
  plotting allotting
praise arrays
pray array
  prayed arrayed
  praying arraying
  prays arrays
pressed arrest
prey array
  preyed arrayed
  preying arraying
  preys arrays
prison arisen
rump rummer
skimp skimmer
sprees cerise
stamp stammer
sump summer
troop truer
troupe truer
whoop who're

beep BA
crimped cremate
pleat _elite
  pleats _elites
porter aorta
  porters aortas

alp ally
jeep GI
P ie
Pam iamb
pea ie
pee ie
ping eyeing
plash eyelash
  plashes eyelashes
prate irate
preen Irene
spam Siam

alp alloy

alp aloe
cape KO
lap Lao
leap Leo
ping owing
seep CO
yelp yellow
  yelping yellowing

sprees series
spring searing

plume heirloom
  plumes heirlooms
prate aerate
  prated aerated
  prates aerates
  prating aerating

Credit: John Higgins